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Memeunity Airdrop

Memeunity is a media platform (in development) dedicated to the awesome joy that comes through memes. And they are airdropping 1,250,000 DANK tokens.
$125 000/  $125 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : N/A

Memeunity is a decentralized meme platform that tries to change the social media fundamentals and to preserve user's freedom and data.

In January, theyll only allocate up to 100,000 DANK of those, and in February, theyll continue with the remaining amount. Every distribution batch will be a minimum of 500 DANK to the winners and theyre capping those wins at 2,000 DANK, meaning that no one will be able to receive more than 2,000 DANK if they won multiple times.

In addition, Memeunity is organizing another Meme Contest. The reset is going to be every Monday at 4 PM UTC, and thats the day when will be announced one lucky winner of $100 in ETH and 500 DANK tokens for having the best meme.

Listed since early stage

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