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MD Tokens Airdrop

Creating a universal digital payment engine to power a smart, secure and efficient healthcare ecosystem, accessible anywhere at anytime

Average project with an OKish whitepaper and a 11 person team. The tokens are currently traded on Bitox but the price may differ because there's not much trading volume currently. SO when the airdropped tokens will the distributed the price may go down drastically. Therefore, we recommend to hold the tokens for while before trading but that's only our opinion and no financial advise. And if you trade them through Bitox create a new wallet before trading them due to security reasons.

Anyway the airdrop is very easy to claim and we highly recommend to participate.

You can add the custom token to your wallet using the following information:

Contract address: 0x8198e349afd0a09efb06b460452ec1beab7a20aa
Decimals of precision: 18
Ticker: MDTK

Listed since early stage

I hereby declare the following: