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Lightcash Airdrop

Looks like they want to compete with Litecoin. Will be hard for them but their whitepaper, website and team looks promising. If you make it under the top 1000 you'll receive 250 LCCT each worth 0.0002 ETH which are 0.05ETH or about $30. Not bad but I believe you'll get under the top 1000 only if you refer some other people. If you do so I recommend to participate, otherwise it's just a wast of time. update: Not everyone receives the same amount: 1st place - 10.000 LCCT Tokens 2-10 place - 2500 LCCT Tokens 10 - 50 place - 750 LCCT Tokens 50-100 place - 500 LCCT Tokens 100-500 place - 250 LCCT Tokens 500-1000 -125 LCCT Tokens
$93 600/  $93 600
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.6

Listed since early stage

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