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Today we have another great airdrop for our airdrop hunters to claim thanks to ICURY project where our users can claim up to 62.5 ICY tokens that are equal to ~2 USD for completing some easy social media tasks such as joining ICURY group, mentioning the ICURY airdrop post on their favorite social media and submitting their ETH wallet address on ICURY airdrop form. To be eligible for the airdrop you must complete all of their tasks and to submit your details on their airdrop form, KYC is not a requirement. ICY is an ERC20 Based Utility Token built on the Ethereum platform with a total supply of 5,000,000,000 ICY tokens.

Icecat N.V. ( is a company located in Netherlands, Amsterdam and it was founded back in 2009, they work with thousands of web shops and with hundreds of global brand clients such us Phillips, Samsung, Sony, HP, P&G, L'Oreal, Akzo and Lego.
ICURY or The Icecat is a cryptocurrency for a decentralized content syndication. The ICY tokens should not be considered as investment because the ICURY project don't plan to do ICO or to sell the ICY tokens publicly, they will provide ICY tokens for free during their pilot stages without any guarantees.

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