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HyperLoot Protocol Airdrop

Hyperloot is a way to create openly tradeable in-game items that are forever-valuable and belong to the gamer. Members of our DAO have extensive experience with gaming and gambling. All of the DAO participants agree that we need more healthy ways to monetize games and work with the community
$106 334/  $106 334
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.7

The Hyperloot airdrop campaign is limited to the first 30,000 participants. There is a lot of information which is missing but from talking to one of the key team members of HyperLoot we really have faith in this project. We have been assured that there will be a lot of progress to complete the website, and have a whitepaper which individuals are able to view in the near future. Tokens vary depending on how many tasks you partake in.

Listed since early stage

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