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GIG9 Airdrop

GIG9: the future of the global services industry, reimagined on the Ethereum blockchain technology. GIG9s revolutionary platform will be first of its kind to promoting a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace, controlled independently by the market participants. They have a whitepaper and a techical paper and the team looks solid. Just no info about the token price. The real bad thing is the airdrop itself because you only receive tokens if you make it under the top 1000. You have only the chance to get under the top 1000 if you refer some other people. If you do so we recommend to participate, otherwise it's just a wast of time. 1st place - 10.000 9Coins 2th 10th places - 7.000 9Coins 10 - 50 places - 4.000 9Coins 50-100 places - 2.000 9Coins 100-500 places - 1.000 9Coins 500-1000 places - 500 9Coins
$105 300/  $105 300
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.8

Listed since early stage

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