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Another great airdrop from FinNexus project. The FinNexus project is a bridge between the bridging decentralization and traditional finance. In the first phase of this airdrop 125,000 FNX tokens will be equally distributed among all the participants.
In the crypto economy as we know it now there is a huge number of different connectivity needs. There is a connecitvity between assets and blockchain, between users and blockchains and between different service providers. Luckily, FinNexus protocol aims to solve all of those needs for their users. $2000 USDT & 40,000 FNX (Phase-II) will be distributed according to the tasks completed. The tokens will be distributed within 7 days after the conversion period ends.

Here connection refers not only to technological connections, but also business
connections. Therefore, FinNexus is not just a technological protocol, but also a business
protocol. Moreover, FinNexus is not just one protocol, but in fact a collection of multiple
protocols which together compose the FinNexus ecosystem.

As a decentralized financial platform, the most important external systems for FinNexus to
connect with are various public chains and layer two networks including cross-chain
protocols, the Lightning Network, Plasma, and others. FinNexus aims to be applicable in a
wide range of different application scenarios and to emphasize user experience in its
implementation. FinNexus will make the blockchain user experience more accessible and
friendly to the ordinary user by acting as a unified hub for various distributed ledger

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