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Today we have another great and worthy airdrop for our airdrop hunters to claim thanks to Erba Cultivation (ERB) project where our airdrop hunters can earn up to 10 ERB tokens with an estimated value of 6 USD for completing some easy social media tasks such as registering on the official Erba Cultivation website, verify your email address, join their Telegram Group, join their Telegram Channel, watch their YouTube video and submit your details on their official Telegram bot for further verification. You can also earn an additional 3 ERB tokens with an estimated value of 1.8 USD for each of your referral. The Erba Cultivation project (ERB) is built on the Ethereum blockchain, their token type is ERC-223 with a total supply of 10,000,000 and a price of 0.6 USD per ERB token.

The Erba Cultivation project is a sustainable agricultural company that provides their customers with raw hemp materials and CBD extracts nationwide. Erba Cultivation believes that the CBD extracts should be accessible to those who truly need it. Their project has purity, sustainability, scalability and safety. They offer the following CBD products: Distillate, Crude Oil, Sugar Wax and Live Resin. Their official partners are Delta Separations, SmartDec, AHPA and Texas Hemp Industries Association.

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