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Decibels round 2 Airdrop

Decibels aims to tackle the media securities market like never before. They plan to be the first Blockchain Codex Development that can be integrated in platforms such as YouTube, SiriusXM, Netflix etc. It's already their second bounty and the tokens from the first bounty will be distributed soon. The project looks legit. Good whitepaper and team and also a great use case for blockchain technology. They're giving away a whole bunch of tokens even if it's not quite that much as in their first round. For the second stage you need 200 entries and you receive 50 DCBL which are worth $2.5 in phase 1 and even $7.5 in phase 3. If you can get more entries you can earn WAY more.
$140 400/  $140 400
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.4

Listed since early stage

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