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$118 700/  $118 700
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $3.2

We have another great airdrop from the ClickGem project today where our users can claim up to 50,000 CGMT tokens that are equal to around 3.2 USD. There is also an extra reward, up to 14,000 CGMT (~1 USD) from social Minigame CGHunter. All you have to do is to register on CGWallet website, download their CGCasino app or visit their CGCasino website and log in by using the same email address that you had used when registering an account on CGWallet. Deposit your 50,000 CGMT registration bonus to earn extra CGMT by playing their games.

The registration bonus of 50,000 CGMT will be deposited to your CGWallet account directly. The reward will be withdrawable when you reach 1 VIP point on their website.

The rewards that are earned by playing games with your registration bonus are withdrawable at any time. You can join their Social Minigame CGHunter to get extra up to 14,000 CGMT tokens. CGMT is already listed on Stex Exchange.

ClickGem project claims to be a part of the global payment revolution, their goal is to build a multi-currency ecosystem. They have interesting features such as CGWALLET, CGEXCHANGE and CGPAY, they also succeeded to partner up with solid companies.

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