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BitMillex Airdrop

Bitmillex Is The Next Generation Cryptocurrency Platform That Is More Than Just A Mere Exchange.

The project seems solid. The team is big and the whitepaper is also OK. The airdrop is easy and takes less than a minute to claim and you get tokens worth $12.5 in the pre-sale and even worth $25 in the main sale in return.

However it's not perfect. There are a lot of smaller red flags like the less social media interactions, the Co Founder is already Founder and CEO of three other companies, the Logo is ugly (really how do you come up with such a logo in 2018?)... No major things but some bad signs. Why still 5 stars? We're no experts and we only have about an hour to review every airdrop, so we don't know all aspects. But we would be very cautious before investing.

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