Embed Web3 on your Wordpress Site

    Easily integrate EGG Web3 tools to Wordpress: Multi-Chain payments receiver, Web3 Login and IPFS Storage

Compatible with 14 chains / 157 protocols:

No Fees

    Simply install our free plugin and start with the Web3 implementation to your website without any transaction, login fee or coding skills. No hidden fee, always free.

Don't code

    Save both money and time while integrating Web3 on your website. Simply connect your wallet to set your receiving address and instantly enable Metamask borderless transactions on your website for free.


    Start accepting more than +1000 currencies over 14 blockchains (both EVM and non EVM compatible). Provide your users a Web3 experience when they connect their wallet and while sending and receiving cryptocurrency assets.


Web3 Payment Methods

Easily upgrade your payments to a next level thanks to our free API integration where you can enable Web3 payment methods for your users where they can send and receive crypto assets by using Web3 payment methods like Metamask, Magic, Trust Wallet and many more.

Pre-Filled Profile Data

Save yours and your users' time by implementing a Pre-Filled profile data easily with our advanced API integration where you don't need any coding skills and where users can complete a registration or any other form within less than a minute and with a few clicks only.


No More KYC & No GDPR

No More KYC (Know your Customer) or GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with EGG.FI. It’s time to fully embrace Web3 decentralized protocols on your website for the protection and dignity of your users.

Can I integrate the Web3 services on my WordPress site?

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