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EGG Protocol is a utility token that helps you vote within Cocoricos' DAO, access DeFi opportunities and interact in EGG's social media.
$ 0.017 / EGG
Volume (24h) : $ 16 455.18
Market Cap : $ 149 184.06

EGG Token empowers your DeFi Life!

Yield Booster: Farming on Cocoricos gives more EGG
EGG Zapper: Grab farming yields easier by using a single asset
Voting Right: Moderation power within Cocoricos Eggosystem
Diversified Assets: Staking, Liquidity Provision, Airdrops and more

Listed since early stage

Waiting for Confirmation
Transaction Submitted

Transaction Submitted

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  • SWAP 2,000.00 EGG FOR 196.46 ZRX
  • SWAP 1000.00 DAI FOR 100.00 ALPES01

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