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0x Staking

Invest your cryptocurrencies wisely. Stake ZRX on the safest 0x staking platform with the highest available 4.63% APY.



Market Cap

$477 795 405

Volume (24H)

$26 028 123





Advantages of Staking ZRX on EGG

Besides the highest APYs on ZRX staking, we offer you:

  • Additional 4.53% EGG Rewards for each staking session.
  • Low Entry Fees - Start staking as low as $10,
  • Ability to Unlock your ZRX Staking Faster,
  • No Technical Skills Required - Just stake ZRX on your dashboard seat back and track your funds, we will handle all the technical aspects for you,
  • Live Tracking - stake and track not only your ZRX funds but also FLOW, WAVES, MATIC or any other token offered on our platform. Manage everything easily from one DeFi dashboard.

How 0x Staking Works

Step 1:Connecting the wallet

Before staking ZRX, connect your wallet to the EGG platform. You can link it by clicking on the Stake ZRX Now button above. Choose your preferred wallet from the list: Magic(formerly Formtamic) or MetaMask, and click on connect.

Step 2:Staking 0x

Once connected, go to the "DEFI STAKING" page, select “ZRX,” and tap “Stake.” Write the amount of ZRX tokens you want to stake on the displayed small window and see how much passive income you can receive. Click the "Stake" button, after filling in the amount of the tokens.

Step 3:Confirmation

Once again, a pop-up will appear on the right side of the screen where you can “Confirm” the ZRX tokens for staking. Do not refresh or leave the page during the process, as you will have to do it all over again. Then a second pop-up will appear for confirmation of the “Contract Interaction.” Once the “Transaction Submitted” message is displayed, your ZRX staking is complete.