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AIZeus is a blockchain built for mass market B2C & P2P applications with millions of consumer end-users.
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$10 008 883/  $10 000 000
Raised $10 008 883
1 AZS = $0.03

* this project will be funded if the target of $10,000,000 is reached. If the target is not reached, you will be refunded at 100% of your investment.

Zeus is a decentralized platform that employs AI and blockchain to streamline data sharing. Businesses and enterprises will be able to sell anonymized data sets to developers who then can create customized applications. Platform users will be able to store and monetize personal data. Developers can use Zeus middleware (API/SDK) to build their applications. Initially, the Zeus platform will provide a P2P financial service. The AI technology will help process data required for making a lending decision. Zeus will also offer a decentralized data storage and marketplace.
The team is issuing an ERC20 AZS token that will be used for all transaction on the platform.

Listed since early stage

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