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Volume (24h) : $ 67 100 089
Market Cap : $ 1 000 000 000

About Sushiswap
SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange running on Ethereum that seeks to incentivize a network of users to operate a platform where users can buy and sell crypto assets. Users first lock up assets into smart contracts, and traders then buy and sell cryptocurrencies from those pools, swapping out one token for another.

About wBTC
WBTC stands for Wrapped Bitcoin and is simply an ERC20 token that represents Bitcoin. Being an ERC20 token makes the transfer of WBTC faster than normal Bitcoin, but the key advantage of WBTC is its integration into the world of Ethereum wallets, dapps, and smart contracts.

About Ethereum
Ethereum is a decentralized exchange protocol allowing the creation by users of smart contracts thanks to a Turing-complete language. These smart contracts are based on a computer protocol to verify or enforce a mutual contract.

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