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Zilliqa is a new blockchain platform that is designed to scale in an open, permission-less distributed network securely. The core feature that makes Zilliqa scalable is shardingdividing the network into several smaller component networks (called shards) capable of processing transactions in parallel.
$22 000 000/  $22 000 000
Raised $22 000 000
1 ZIL = $0.0038

* this project will be funded if the target of $22,000,000 is reached. If the target is not reached, you will be refunded at 100% of your investment.

Develop secure and decentralized applications
Zilliqa is enabling new decentralized business models which remove middlemen and inefficiencies. The trustless connections formed on Zilliqas blockchain are creating new ways of interacting and trading with each other and weve only just begun unfolding the possibilities.

Gaming and Entertainment
Zilliqas non-fungible tokens allow gamers to truly own and custodize assets.

Digital Advertising
Zilliqa is helping to improve programmatic advertising by automating payments and reducing the number of intermediaries.

Zilliqas high scalability results in low transaction fees which makes it possible for DApps to make micro-payments across borders.

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