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EGG.FI' Crypto Advisors

EGG.FI is building a complete framework for the upcoming tokenization economy together with esteemed experts in the fields of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, ICO/STO crowdfunding, and real estate. We work relentlessly to connect everyone to new investment opportunities and decrease the wealth inequality gap.

Wilhelm Gosser

Crypto Advisor / Blockchain / ICO marketing / Analysis

Thomas Gustinis

Empowering Innovators to create the industry of their future. Active in block-chain and A.I. related ventures.

Thomas Goslee

Telehealth | Telemedicine | Blockchain Use Case Design

Thomas Contin

Managing Partner @ Archilex Consulting SA - Founder @ ICOLegalAdvisor.io | Lawyer | IP | Fintech | Blockchain | Regtech

Roger Darin

Principal at Lakeside Partners AG

Richard Toolen

Managing Partner at Swiss Multi-Asset Investment Manager

STO Advisors

Security Token Offering experts help startups and small businesses maneuver the regulatory frameworks of novel crowdfunding strategies. They connect and work with regulators to educate them and develop win-win strategies in the emerging tokenized economies. Advisors include startup founders, cryptocurrency traders and investors, business developers, and smart contract specialists.

Bogdan Fiedur

ICO/STO advisor, crypto-investor, smart contract developer, and ICOBench Expert, with over 20-year experience in IT, machine learning, and e-commerce.

Giovanni Casagrande

Giovanni is a seasoned PRIVATE SALE, STO, and ICO advisor and strategist with over 60 blockchain projects under his belt. He is featured as a top ten ICOBench Expert. He specializes in start-up strategy, blockchain technology, and crypto-asset investments and regulations.

Thomas Ganz

Entrepreneur and ICO/STO Advisor skilled at business strategy and management; Crypto investor at The Next Big Thing Association (TNBTA). Skilled in business strategy and management.

Manuel Arlotti

Marketing and ICO advisor for multiple blockchain projects and an ICOBench Expert; The sales director at Black Marketing Guru.

Gaël Durand

ICO and STO advisor, data scientist, and co-founder and CEO or Novolinko, a certified training center; Organizer of blockchain events and educational initiatives in Rennes, France.

Michael Atkinson

ICO and STO Advisor experienced in cryptocurrency trading and investments; Provides managerial, advisory, and administrative services to ICOs and STOs.

Real Estate Advisors

Real estate advisors come from all over the world. They have years of expertise in commercial, residential, and luxury real estate in USA, France, and Poland. At the top of their fields, they include licensed realtors and brokers, property investors and developers, realty investment advisors, development managers, and recruiters.

Justyna Swarcewicz

Real Estate Advisor at Partners International, a Premium Real Estate Agency in Poland. Experienced in construction and property management and recruitment.

Coleen Brennan

Global Real Estate Advisor with 30-year expertise in the real estate market; In the top 1% national ranking for luxury property sales.

Michael Reynolds

Global Real Estate Advisor at Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty; Certified luxury home specialist, recently recognized by D Magazine as a Best Real Estate Agent in Dallas.

Terry Mitterer

Investment real estate advisor with over 33 years of expertise in the residential real estate sales and investments; Founder of HomeHunters.com.

Alexander Koch

Investment real estate advisor and licensed agent at New Western Acquisitions (NWA), a real estate brokerage firm focused on residential property investments.

Douglas Fodor

Real Estate Advisor at Keller Wiliams with over 5-year experience in residential and luxury real estate investments.