Methods to Track your Wallets by Keeping Them Offline

Like traditional banks and investment accounts, crypto portfolio trackers save you a lot of time when you need to check the balances of multiple crypto portfolios. If you are a serious crypto trader, you may have multiple crypto exchange accounts, a hardware wallet (or two), and perhaps a paper wallet stored in a fireproof vault.

With the Cryptographic Portfolio Tracker, you can view your portfolio holdings by simply tapping your phone or clicking on your computer. It’s a convenient and fun way to track your crypto assets and save you a lot of time.

Connect a Wallet or Add a Wallet Address

EGG.FI offers easy login methods for connecting your wallet address, you can chose from various login methods in order to start tracking your wallet address and its assets.

Some of the listed login methods are MetaMask, Magic, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet and Enter Address or ENS name.

Add More Wallets From the Left Menu

EGG.FI allows you to add unlimited wallet addresses to your profile, you can even track external wallet addresses and have full insight of their assets (tokens, NFTs, etc) holding or track their wallet history from a single place without leaving the EGG.FI app page.

To add a wallet address you can simply click on the white arrow next to “EXTERNAL WALLET” button and select a login method, or you can click on the top right corner button “ADD NEW WALLET” and connect the wallet address you want to track.

Generate a Portfolio URL

Once you connect a wallet address on EGG.FI’s wallet explorer, you will automatically receive a wallet URL that you can share to your social media channels or to your friends and colleagues and share your assets with them.

Or you can showcase your NFT holdings in a cool Web3 card on EGG.FI where you will be able to engage with other NFT holders by liking, commenting, favorizing their NFTs or even bid on them in case you really like someone’s NFT and you want to own it.

Disconnect your Connected Wallets

On EGG.FI you can connect and disconnect your connected wallets that you no longer want to track, in case you no longer have your assets on the connected wallet address you can simply disconnect it from the left menu by clicking on the arrow next to the “EXTERNAL WALLET” button.

You can also disconnect external wallet addresses that you no longer want to track. Your favorite cryptocurrency holder is no longer interesting you, then you can simply disconnect it and connect another crypto investor’s wallet address and keep tracking his assets and trades.

Save the URL In your Bookmark

In case you want to have a quick access to EGG.FI wallet tracker to explore your wallet addresses, then you can simply bookmark your generated wallet address URL in your browser or in your mobile notepad.

This way you can track your wallet addresses everywhere, it doesn’t matter if your mobile, laptop or PC is not yours, you don’t have to connect them in order to track them, even if they are not connected to EGG.FI’s app page you or anyone else can have a quick look into your wallet address with the wallet generated URL. You can share your wallet address URL with everyone and they will be able to check your cool coins or NFTs.

Why Cold Storage Wallets are Important

Taking your holdings offline protects you from hackers and online attacks, but you also run the risk of losing your holdings. There is no backup of this type of storage. If you misplace your wallet, you will not have access to your investment. Cold wallets can also cost as much as $ 200 (although there are definitely cheaper options).

Best Cold Storage Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets can be divided into two main types: hot wallets and cold wallets. Hot wallets use keys (a type of encryption such as passwords). These are created or stored on the connected device and are considered less secure than cold wallets.

Cold wallets are the perfect solution for cryptocurrency storage which eliminates the need for internet connection. Also known as a hardware wallet, it usually uses physical media in the form of a USB stick. This is considered the most secure type of wallet, as hackers need access to the PIN / password associated with the device.

There are many cold wallets on the market, and it is difficult to choose an online cold wallet to meet your crypto storage needs. But it is very difficult to say which one is the best one, therefore, we did a deep research about some of the most popular and safest cold wallets.

Below is a carefully selected list of the best cold wallet apps that are easy to use and very safe. This list includes free and paid apps with popular features and website links.

  • Ledger Nano X
  • Trezor Model T
  • CoolWallet Pro
  • KeepKey
  • Ellipal Titan
  • Safepal S1
  • SecuX V20
  • Keystone Pro

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend you to connect your wallet address with the Enter Address or ENS Name login method in order to maintain your wallet offline. Because the cool thing about EGG.FI’s wallet explorer is that it can offer you to track your assets by entering your wallet address only, without the need of connecting to your hot wallet online in order to start tracking your assets and exposing your wallet address.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of EGG Finance. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.