How to Convert your Website to Web3?

Profile Dashboard

EGG.FI’s Web3 profile dashboard offers multiple functionalities such as Portfolio, NFTs, Wallet History and much more. Its main function is to accept added crypto accounts and coins, monitor the ever-changing value, and manage both crypto assets and associated financial plans accordingly.

Assets Management

On EGG.FI, users can easily explore their wallet addresses on multiple chains from a single space. EGG.FI offers:

Import Multiple Wallets: After the emergence of Web3 on Ethereum, it is continuously growing within other blockchains such as Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche or Binance Smart Chain.

Our dashboard must obviously be cross-chain and thus allow the possibility of importing wallets spread within those blockchains and upcoming ones.

Track Overall Performance: Tracking its overall performance allows to no longer have to process results on endless spreadsheets, and to focus your efforts on one essential point: Performance Evaluation.

This evaluation broadly refers to the measurement, analysis, interpretation, assessment, and presentation of investment results, such as return and risk of portfolios over specified periods.

Overall Portfolio’s view focuses the attention on sensitive elements and sorts them by importance

Real-Time Alerts: Smart alerts notify you when a specific event occurs – putting you in the know before anyone else. For example, a price alert appears when a whale has done a token trade or movement into or out of a contract over a specified size.

We make sure that you are notified on the second by multiplying the means of transmission. Alerts can either be in the form of a browser / mobile push notification, an on-site alert, an email, a call or an SMS.

ID Assets Management

EGG users can now easily explore their NFTs by entering their blockchain domain on our wallet explorer. This way, their NFTs will be displayed in a cool Web3 card where millions of cryptocurrency owners can see it.

Besides that, EGG.FI users can simply interact with each other on their EGG cards by liking, commenting, favoriting the NFTs or even bidding on them. If they really like someone’s NFT, they can buy it directly from the owner and put the NFT in their own Web3 EGG card.

Payment Methods

EGG.FI offers a fully Web3 decentralized payment experience where users can simply connect their wallet address such as MetaMask or Magic and explore our trading, staking, liquidity mining, bridging and much more.

Trading Smart Auto Routing

The DEXs industry currently faces issues to stabilize asset prices. This means that the trader might end up paying more than the actual market price of the token. On another side, DEXs are not capable of supporting a
wide range of cryptocurrencies due to the lack of interoperability and liquidity.

They also lack intuitiveness and are more suitable for advanced traders.
Moreover, the EGG supplies automated market making services to reduce and even benefit large spreads, with the help of arbitrage tools.

On EGG.FI, users are privileged to enjoy the safest and the cheapest cross-chain trading routes. This allow users to save money while paying for transaction fees for trading, etc.


EGG.FI offers various of different pages where you can search for any coin, blockchain or project and be able to do DeFi actions from that page directly without leaving the website and coming back.

Indexing & Ranking Assets

We are constantly working on improving our user experience and therefore, we have indexed hundreds of pages so our users can have enough info before they decide to invest into Web3 projects.

On EGG.FI, you can explore supported coins, stakeable assets, liquidity mining pairs and much more in a useful ranking system.

Authentication & Login

Your security matters, therefore, you can authenticate and login on EGG.FI in a truly decentralized data where you have full access to your personal data by using a blockchain technology.

Data Tokenization & Decentralized Sub Naming Service

On EGG.FI’s data tokenization, it is the process of replacing sensitive data with less sensitive equivalent data called tokens that have no external or exploitable meaning or value.

A token is a reference (that is, an identifier) ​​that is traced back to sensitive data by the tokenization system. Assigning the original data to a token uses a method that makes it impossible to undo the token in the absence of a tokenization system, for example using a token created from random numbers.

The tokenization system provides data processing applications with the authority and interface to request tokens and detoxify sensitive data again.

NFT Authentication

First and foremost, collectors need to identify the source of the NFT and its legitimate owner.

The value of NFTs is based in part on their rarity, so the next step is to make sure that the artwork you create is not a copy or derivative of an existing work. Its value is questionable if the artist makes some copies or slightly revised versions of the work.

In addition, anyone can copy the image file and create it as an NFT, so the creation is associated with a particular author, or the verifiable rarity and provenance that is the most valuable component of the NFT is out of the window.

You need to be able to prove that you are the real creator. Physical art has a master, often a print (or copy) of the original work. The master has the greatest value.

Reputation System

A reputation system is a program or algorithm that allows users to evaluate each other in the online community and build trust through reputation.

These reputation systems represent an important trend in “decision-making support for service delivery over the Internet.”

Reputation systems are becoming more important to online experiences due to the popularity of online communities for shopping, consulting and other important information sharing.

Open DAO

EGG acts as a voting vehicle within the ecosystem and community engagement. Governance also allows EGG holders to dictate the EGG’s protocol and EGG’s token primitive, i.e to modify, expand and govern key
features of EGG protocol matrix and expand EGG’s own utility.

However, fully decentralized on-chain governance takes time and it is a gradual process, we believe it is important to find the protocol market fit before taking massive leap towards fully decentralizing governance.

A DAO first has to have some internal property, tokens that can be spent by the organization or used to reward certain activities within it. Secondly, while participating in a DAO, users get voting rights and subsequently the ability to influence the way it operates.


On EGG.FI, users have a possibility to interact to each other in various ways, starting from sending funds to each other to even messaging through their wallet addresses.

Send / Receive Module

Users can not only send/receive funds, but they can also exchange direct messages, likes, comments, even other type of assets such as NFTs, city coins and much more.

This way, EGG.FI serves as a one stop station for the entire DeFi and Web3 space where users can do all the actions in a single space and save plenty of time and money.

Followers / Following

EGG.FI users can start growing their social appearance by building their followers list. This is very beneficial for users who want to follow famous cryptocurrency traders with their trades and tips.

This way, normal users can copy trades, transactions and pretty much everything else from whale investors and have an equal chance of succeeding in the cryptocurrency journey.


Storage is the most important part in the Web3 world, you can have a Web3 user experience but if you don’t protect user’s storage then it’s all for nothing, that’s why EGG.FI’s primal goal is to offer a fully distributed protocol for storing data.

IPFS Files Uploader

IPFS is a distributed protocol for storing data such as websites, applications, and files. The main advantage of IPFS is that it eliminates some of the centralization issues, including: Single point of failure and censorship.

IPFS can implement a distributed storage system using a concept called content-based addressing. Many other systems use location-based addressing. That is, content is discovered based on the location of the data.

Content-based targeting instead searches for content based on the content itself. This way, you don’t have to tell your computer where the files are, but instead you can query what you’re looking for.

Domain Names

Blockchain domain names are a bit like traditional domain names, but with major differences. Both types of domain names are human-readable text strings that act as addresses that direct users to specific locations on the Internet.

A traditional domain name represents a specific Internet Protocol (“IP”) address for a website that can be accessed over the traditional Internet.

When you enter the traditional domain name “” in the URL field, the browser associates the domain name with the correct IP address and queries the domain name service (“DNS”) server associated with the domain.

Crypto Extension Names Marketplace

EGG.FI is leading the way with the next big crypto revolution called “Domain Names”. We are ENS and Unstoppable Domains facilitators and resellers where users can use their domain names for various reasons.

Some of those reasons can be:

  • The blockchain domain name can be used as an alias or nickname for the crypto wallet address. So you can use your blockchain domain to send or receive cryptocurrency coins, tokens, NFTs or any other type of assets.
  • The blockchain domain name can be used as a universal user name for applications that allow login through cryptographic addresses / wallets. This usage is similar to how someone uses their email address as their username on various internet platforms.
  • The blockchain domain name can be used as the address of a website on the distributed Internet that is outside the control of a central entity such as ICANN.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of EGG Finance. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.