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ZKSwap (Airhodl) Airdrop

ZKSwap is a brand new exchange protocol based on ZK-Rollups technology. They have a total pool of 40,000,000 ZKS token and each snapshot will be 10,000,000 ZKS.
$80 000 000/  $80 000 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : N/A

ZKSwap is airdropping some ZKS tokens for every ZKS holder. In order to be eligible for the airdrop you need to hold your ZKS to a private wallet or on some exchanges, currently there are only two exchanges that support the airdrop, and Hotbit. Please note that there will be 4 random snapshot starting from 22 January, 2021 till the mainnet launch on 8th February.

ZKSwap is a brand new exchange that uses the ZK-Rollups technology. On ZKSwap, all ERC20 tokens are transferred from Layer 1 to Layer2. Thanks to their technology they can achieve real-time swaps with zero fees, removing the constraint from the Ethereums TPS, block confirmation time. and unlimited scalability.

Listed since early stage

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