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ZetoChain Airdrop

Pioneering a scalable, global food-safety supply chain powered by Blockchain
$122 850/  $122 850
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.1

The supply chain for food is in our eyes a very good use case for blockchain. However there are already huge competitors in the market. They have a 15 person big team and a 4.3 rating on ICObench but only from the bot, that doesn't say much. The whitepaper is good. Oberall above average.

The airdrops requires only some easy tasks but in return for that you get tokens worth $5 at the sale price. The Facebook like doesn't get verified so you actually don't need it.

We don't see any reason not to give 5 stars for a good project and an airdrop with such a high value.

Listed since early stage

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