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YOUnited (Round 3) Airdrop

YOUnited is the first social Betting & Gaming platform. The first truly and provably fair, decentralised solution with no house interaction.
$114 500/  $114 500
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : N/A

YOUnited is Gaming & Betting Platform based on the principles of fairness within a blockchain environment using its own UNTD tokens. With its own gaming protocol, the very essence of YOUnited is the idea that a player competes against other players, not against the house resulting in the fact that every single game has a winner(s) among the players while playing his/her favorite games.

YOUnited is thus turning the classic (online) casino inside out by creating a truly fair gaming and betting system negating the role of the house. Since there is no house, there is zero house edge.

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