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xDAC Airdrop

As a subclass of DAO, an xDAC is a company on a decentralized network with a built-in Proof of Work (PoW) incentive mechanism, a comprehensive governance and management tools, and a support system for DApps and Autonomous Agents - all housed on top of EOS. The xDAC governance is regulated by an xDAC platform designed as a self-sustainable decentralized ecosystem consisting of businesses motivated to reap the benefits of their success without geographical limitations.

5 experts from ICOBench have reviewed xDAC and it gets an average rating of 4.5/5. Pre-sales commence from 15th of May onwards. We really like this project, the team are all KYC verified and experienced within their respective fields. You will be required to submit a new form everytime you participate in a different bounty.

The next few months are vital for xDAC. In November they have the alpha release and testing of the xDAC platform and client. By the start of 2019 they plan on releasing the beta version alongside testing.

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