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WhenHub Interface Airdrop

The WhenHub Interface Network (Patent Pending) is an ecosystem that uses blockchain-based smart contracts to create innovative ways in which independent workers and customers can connect for business transactions.

You know the Dilbert comics? ( Adam Scott the creator of them is also the Co-Founder of Whenhub. Comics are not technical, right but it shows that he is successful and he has also a lot of technical experience like the rest of the team. The whitepaper seems also pretty good and they have an app available which is nice.

The airdrop requires to download an app and we know that turns a lot of you down but in return you receive 500 WHEN tokens which are worth $125 in the main sale. However the tokens can't be withdrawn, they can only be used within the app which is a downside because you can't trade them on any exchange. The product really has to succeed in order for you to use the tokens.

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