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Veiris Airdrop is the world's first Know Your Customer (KYC) solution based on computer vision and blockchain technology.
$87 750/  $87 750
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.5

Decent whitepaper and team. They already have developed an app for iOS and Android. The airdrop should have a huge value because they distribute 7% of their total supply. Other airdrops distribute about 0.5% up to 1% and the tasks are pretty fair and it's also not hard to find an advantage and ask one good question. Just take a look at their website

If we estimate 100,000 participants - which is a lot - you still receive 350 VeE. If we subtract the bonus stakes for referrals and the Ambassador Campaign (see below) then 200 VeE are possible which are still worth ~$20!

Btw. there also a Telegram Ambassador Campaign for more tokens:

Listed since early stage

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