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Vanig Airdrop

The World's first integrated E-Commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem powered by Blockchain.
$122 850/  $122 850
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.1

This is an awesome project with an even better airdrop. A must join! Incredible high value for quite simple tasks and if you don't like one just skip it, you still get tokens for the other campaigns. We still recommend doing all because you receive an bonus and don't forget to reply to the bitcointalk thread!

The project seems very professional, they have a huge team and a great whitepaper.

Not for U.S. citizens

currently only 100 participants
1 1000 Participants: $20 Per Campaign + $20 Bonus
1001 10,000 Part.: $15 Per Campaign + $15 Bonus
10,001 30,000 Part.: $8 Per Campaign + $8 Bonus

Listed since early stage

I hereby declare the following: