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Typerium Airdrop

Typerium is the ability to create, share, and connect, are fundamental to the human experience. Type and image create a global language that we can all understand, regardless of our background, or culture, or the language we speak.
$105 300/  $105 300
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.8

The ICOBench bot (no expert so far) has rated this project 3.3/5 which is not very good. The whitepaper looks good. The team consists of 12 individuals who all have a lot of previous experience with blockchain.

The airdrop requires a lot of tasks and is quite unfair. For one like, retweet and comment of a Tweet you receive 250 points and for another one 10000? Why? Additionally there are like hundred tasks which could take hours to complete all. Max. 3 stars.

Listed since early stage

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