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TrueDeck Airdrop

TrueDeck platform will comprise a number of ground-breaking technologies which will facilitate the development of complex gambling games and bring innovation to the gambling industry. TrueDeck platform has the true potential to make gambling in reach of billions.
$58 500/  $58 500
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $1.8

TrueDeck wants to improve on existing solutions in contrast to focussing on just one casino, TrueDeck is creating an open protocol for others to build and operate their own casinos to make gambling in reach of billions. They are taking it that step further by dropping existing RNG solutions and creating TrustFree Technologies like Mental Poker Protocol & DRNG (Decentralized Random Number Generation).

Whitepaper looks good and the team behind the development and progress of this project are very experienced.

Listed since early stage

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