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The Eco Tour Airdrop

Airdrop Info: * Airdrop Campaign is running from 14/08/2019 and will end on 24/08/2019. * 10,000 or more TET tokens will be distributed to each eligible participant. (read the 'Guidelines' section below to see how to be eligible for the airdrop.) * Each eligible participant will earn 10,000 TET tokens and you can earn more with the referral. Share this post to get referral tokens. * Each valid 'referrer and referral user' both will get 2000 additional TET tokens. * Airdrop campaign is limited to 5000 participants only. * Airdrop Distribution Campaign will take place within a week once the Airdrop is over.
$119 500/  $119 500
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $50

The Eco Tour (TET) is an innovative step towards combining the forces of environment and economy. We build a platform to spread awareness about environmental protection among people through the use of Blockchain mechanism.
TET token is the key to your easy access to various platforms that have similar mandates as The Eco Tour. You can receive free tokens as rewards and trade them to start earning from TET. When a person would assure us about his or her action that has benefitted the environment in any manner or he creates awareness to protect the environment, we will reward them with the appropriate number of TET tokens.

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