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Stake DAO Airdrop

Stake DAO provides a simple solution for staking a variety of tokens without the need to stake your assets across multiple DeFi platforms. And they are airdropping a total of 1,500,000 SDT tokens.
$12 600 000/  $12 600 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : N/A

Stake DAO project allows you to stake some of the most famous projects like Yearn Finance, Curve, Pickle, 1INCH and more are all now available.

Starting from Friday, 22 January 2021, 22:37:13 GMT, the claimable amount will begin to decrease by 10% every day for 10 days.

To see if you are eligible you will have to connect your Ethereum wallet on their website, or simply check their eligible list here

The snapshots belong to the following projects:

- Gitcoin Round 8 Donors (39% Airdrop)
- $JULIEN holders (5% airdrop)
- Addresses registered with RektHQ (5% Airdrop)
- Lido contract depositors (5% Airdrop)
- Arbitrage DAO users (1% Airdrop)
- Governance participators (Voters from various protocols listed here): 17 December 2020 (45% Airdrop)

Listed since early stage

I hereby declare the following: