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SprintX [Tokendrops] Airdrop

An ICO and Startup Incubator + Crypto and Fiat Exchange funding a Smart City that will serve as a place for Startups and Entrepreneurs to test their ideas.
$146 250/  $146 250
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.5

Only an average rating of 3.4 from 21 experts on ICObench. The airdrop however should be great. Once signed up on tokendrops you only have to follow their Telegram and your are a part of a $2,800,000 pot. Even with 100,000 participants you receive tokens worth $28. However the ICO price of about $0.45 per token might also be very high if we compare it to the total and circulating (227M) supply. We still think that's wort participating.

Listed since early stage

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