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Soundeon Airdrop

Soundeon aspires to change the music industry by making it more accessible to artists and music lovers worldwide. Soundeon is a music ecosystem in which anyone can achieve success, either independently or by becoming a stakeholder in their artist's success story. Soundeons technological solutions (layers) are designed to support you through the entire creative process.

Soundeon is a pioneering decentralized and vertically integrated music platform that covers all aspects of the music business, from rights registration and funding to distribution and live ticket sales. The alpha version of the platform is already completed and will be released shortly in April of 2018. The best version is said to be released in December of 2018 with the fully functional version launching in 2019. If youre a fan of music, an actual artist or a producer, Soundeon could be the platform youve been waiting for.

For each referral, 2 stakes within the Bounty programme shall be rewarded.
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