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SLP Network Airdrop

SLP is a decentralized platform for loyalty programs, with a blockchain based bonus point exchange, dedicated loyalty token wallets and a targeted marketing engine.

SLP Network is built by the same team that has already developed SailPlay, a customer loyalty platform with more than 100 huge clients, including Volkswagen, Papa Johns Pizza, Sephora, and more. Their 25 person team has gained experience in plenty of huge companies like Intel, McKinsey, and many more. The whitepaper is as well very detailed.

Currently they are a bit off the radar, thus they want to use airdrop promotion to get more attention. The airdrop is the only reason we can't give 5 stars because it has a quite small bounty pool of $40,000. However we estimate not that many participants because KYC is required. So if 10,000 - 15,000 participants will submit their details the value will be between $3 and $4.

Listed since early stage

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