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SERO (Round 2) Airdrop

SERO is the worlds first cryptocurrency technology to achieve complete privacy protection and to support smart contracts through Zero-knowledge proof.

SERO is the worlds first Zero-Knowledge Proof based Privacy Protection platform for Decentralised applications which supports Turing Complete Smart Contract distributed infrastructure and will be joining the worlds largest eco-aggregation community (MATTER). The two organizations have confirmed the integration schedule, SERO will officially use the MATTER LINK protocol to access MATTER STORE in June 2019 and becomes a member of the MATTER Privacy Trident. All MATTER Eco-DAPP will be able to distribute and circulate Tokens with security and privacy features through component invocation, and also implement the homomorphic encryption of smart contracts.

SERO had the Testnet launch on the 30th of September and also made their GitHub open for the public. The main-net is planned to launch by the end of December 2018.

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