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Ruby-X Airdrop

The Ruby Exchange is the platform run transparently with expandable and unbreakable functions. Moreover, Ruby-x will create an ecosystem based on its main network and it will use Ruby tokens (RBY) as the main currency, which is highly valued and limited.
$140 400/  $140 400
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.4

The whitepaper and team cannot be displayed yet on the website, the exchange is yet to be released but in the meanwhile, Ruby is running an Airdrop in which they are giving out 40 RBY tokens for each participant in return of completing a few basic tasks. Additional tokens can be earned via referrals. Not much else we can say about the project as there's a lot of missing information, nevertheless, we have been assured things will be updated on the website in due course.

Listed since early stage

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