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[Repost] CLZ Health Airdrop

CLZ Health aims to become the best medical services information platform for medical tourists. Our blockchain provides privacy, security, and trust to both consumers and healthcare services providers.

What we like most about this CLZ is that they have board members who work in healthcare, the co-founder of CLZHealth has 20 years experience in the field. Micheal served as a regional vice president and strategic general manager at Alignment Healthcare, a leading US health maintenance organization and health technology company. CLZ has 20 members in the team including advisors.

Carlos Chou (Founder/CEO) of CLZHealth is a proven successful leader in enterprise technology and customer relationship management (CRM), specializing in driving growth through innovative and disruptive market strategies. He led for over 10 years and promoted to president at Oracle-Siebel System, the fastest growing enterprise software company in history, later acquired by Oracle for $5.7 billion.

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