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Another interesting project from the Pyro Network, we had quite some deflationary airdrops in the past, today you have a chance to participate in the Pyro Network airdrop and reserve yourself some PYRO tokens. By completing their airdrop social media tasks you are eligible for 625 PYRO tokens. You can also get an additional 300 PYRO tokens for each of your referrals. The PYRO token is already listed on CoinMarketCap but there is currently no data shown. Token distribution will begin end of February. Make sure you complete all of their airdrop tasks and submit your entry in their Telegram bot to be eligible for the PYRO token drop.

The Pyro Network is a series of projects where can be used as a social network, digital advertising network and blockchain gaming dApp. Their PYRO token is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain and with every transaction they will burn 5%, this makes the PYRO token to be a deflationary token. They have a very interesting "freeze" feature where they reward PYRO hodlers with 2.5% from the 5% of the PYRO tokens that are being burned. PYRO token is currently listed on the following exchanges: SwitchDex, TokenJar, ForkDelta and Uniswap.

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