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PodMiners Airdrop

PodMiners is airdropping 19 POMT tokens for completing some easy social media tasks, also receive an additional 4 POMT tokens for each referral.
$116 890/  $116 890
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $9.5

PodMiners is a blockchain based platform where you can live stream and broadcast the pre-recorded shows.
PodMiners ensures that all the content creators will receive the credit and reward for the content they create. The PodMiners Token is the internal cryptocurrency on which the ecosystem will work.

PodMiners aims to make podcasting & digital radio easy and accessible to all. With the strong belief that podcast & digital radio industry will takeover the traditional ways of consuming audio content during the next decade, we have integrated the platform with advanced features for a better user experience. PodMiners look forward to provide needed platform & solve current industry problems by implementing the blockchain technology and make podcasting more fun for content creators as well as listeners.

Listed since early stage

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