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Pink Taxi (Round 3) Airdrop

Pink Taxi is an established women-only taxi that has empowered hundreds of women and made them take charge of their own lives. The core idea of this service is to provide a safe transportation facility to female passengers and provide a respectable platform for their employees where they feel like they, too, can make a difference in the world.

Pink Taxi has started Round 3 for their airdrop. Complete all the tasks via the bot and you will receive 10 PT tokens, and an additional 5 each referral. Pink Taxi has been featured on several media channels, some of which include BBC News UK, The Times and the Wall Street Journal. This project stood out like a sore thumb to us, the concept itself is very unique and it's not something we regularly come across, especially considering we review around 5-10 ICO projects on a daily basis. John McAfee the founder of McAfee, a security software company was sold for $7.7 billion to Intel 6 years is included in the Advisory board for Pink Taxi. His spouse, Janice Mcafee is also assisting the team.

Pink Taxi has a total supply of 50M tokens in which 15M will be reserved for the team, IT, referrals, advisors and future bounty and airdrop programmes.

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