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Fund Raised / Soft Cap

Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.6

Today we have another great airdrop from the Phala Network where you can earn 50 PHA for completing their airdrop and 30 PHA for setting up a miner node.

To participate in the airdrop you need to complete the following steps:
- Chat with their Telegram bot
- Join Phala Network Telegram Group
- Join Polka Project Telegram Group
- Submit your ETH wallet address
- Refer users
- The top 1 5 referrers will get 120 PHA each, the next 6 15 referrers will get 90 PHA each, the next 16 40 referrers will get 50 PHA each and the last 41 100 referrers will get 30 PHA each.

For the miner node reward you need to do the following steps:
- Visit their airdrop form and complete the actions, check the form here

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