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Estimated Value : $4.2

Today we have another great airdrop for our airdrop hunters to claim thanks to the Peace Token (PCT) project where our airdrop hunters can earn up to 60 PCT tokens with an estimated value of 4.2 USD for completing some easy social media tasks such as joining Peace Token Telegram group, Telegram channel, like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and submit your details on their official Telegram bot. To be eligible for the airdrop you must complete all of their social media tasks and to submit your details on their Telegram bot for verification. You can also earn an additional 15 PTC tokens that are equal to 1.05 USD for each of your referral. Peace Token (PCT) is ERC20 token type built on the Ethereum platform with a total supply of 200,000,000 PCT tokens.

Peace Token is a project built on the Ethereum blockchain and it applies blockchain technology in creating and sharing in the new value. The goal of Peace Token is to grow their charity funds thanks to the buyers and sellers of the PCT tokens. They plan to help and fund facilities like education, clinic, etc. for the underprivileged people. The 20% of Project success will go to peace charity fund.

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