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Papyrus Airdrop

The best website and whitepaper we've seen this month. They also provide their github repository and that show a lot of action (which is rarely). This is definitely a airdrop you shouldn't miss especially because he is also easy to claim. update March 24th: you now receive 3 PPR for every referred friend and only 1 PPR for the 2nd downline. Much fairer. But as normal participant you're disadvantaged because you only receive 5 PPR and we as referrer 10 PPR. That's way too much and it should be vice versa. Additionally to that they have a total supply of 1 billion tokens and 5 aren't very much. Yes if you refer others it could be worthwhile but without that we estimate the value of the 5 tokens to be less than $1. Therefore, minus 1 star but we still recommend to participate because it takes literally 10 seconds.

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