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Africa is in the crosshair of a digital age in health care, but in reality, health care in Africa is in the Stone Age, if we must evolve to a time close to the digital era we must make deliberate efforts to lay down necessary infrastructure for advancement, growth, and expansion of the capacity of professionals and institutions, to meet the increasing needs of our large and diverse population.

NiMEDix ecosystem creates a platform of trust, strength and economic growth through partnerships and equity in a bid to transform the health sector

Nimedix ecosystem will leverage on the blockchain and AI with proof of work governance to tackle two of the most dominant challenges, brain drain, and medical tourism which costs Nigeria Billions of dollars.

Africa is strategic, to benefit immensely from the global phenomenon of AI technology or end up as data points for the producers of the technology. AI has found its way into every aspect of healthcare from computer vision, deep learning to assisted diagnosis, wearable health monitors etc.

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