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NGrave Airdrop

Earn NGrave Wallet today!
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Today we have another great and worthy giveaway for our airdrop hunters thanks to NGrave project where they can win:
- NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallet as called "The Coldest Wallet", a fully offline cryptocurrency wallet or - NGRAVE GRAPHENE backup solution, a durable stainless steel encrypted backup solution for your private keys. You can participate by going to their airdrop page and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you need to complete all of their listed social media tasks to become eligible for the giveaway. You must complete all of their listed social media tasks to become eligible, to increase your chances of winning you can invite more friends, with every friend invited your chances of winning are increased.
NGrave will reward users with: 10x NGRAVE ZERO & GRAPHENE BUNDLE (hardware wallet + backup solution). Giveaway ends on May 23, 2020 at 13:00 CES, winners will be announced at May 25, 2020.
Note: The wallets are scheduled to ship to winners in October 2020

The NGrave project offers the coldest cryptocurrency hardware wallet for their users allowing to experience their hardware wallet with ultra security, multi-layered digital asset ecosystem. They also have a NGRAVE LIQUID which is a mobile app to directly syng all the generated accounts from the ZERO.

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