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MFChain round 2 [Tokendrops] Airdrop

Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain) is building the future of cryptocurrency. By partnering with processors and merchants, MF Chain will build upon the value of zero merchant fees while offering innovative rewards for consumers and merchants. MF Chain is specifically designed to build value for all parties involved in merchant transactions.
$140 400/  $140 400
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.4

Incredible vision. Their whitepaper and team looks solid even if the links to linkedIn are missing, but there are enough information on the website itself.

The airdrop is super easy because it requires only joining on Telegram. On the other hand do they allocate only 150,000 MFX worth about 17 ETH or 10,000$. So we can estimate that the airdrop value is below $1 because 10,000 participants should be reached rather easy.

Listed since early stage

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