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Loopring Airdrop

Loopring is a blockchain protocol that allows users to trade tokens in a secure, private, and trust-less manner by using private-keys to authorize orders directly from their own wallets.
$128 700/  $128 700
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2.2

Loopring will be airdropping LRN and LRQ tokens to holders of their LRC token. Participants must hold at least 100 LRC and must bind their wallets by smart contract prior to the snapshot dates. There will be 3 snapshots and each one will account for 33.33% of the total airdrop supply. As the total supply is 1/10th of the LRC supply and 60% of the supply is being airdropped, over 3 equal distributions, you can expect to receive 2 tokens per 100 LRC per airdrop. Assuming that your LRC balance does not change between each snapshot, you will receive a total of 6 tokens per 100 LRC. The exact snapshots date take/took place within 5 days of the airdrop dates. The airdrop dates are as follows:

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