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LimonX Airdrop

LimonX allows you to buy e-gift cards, vouchers, prepaid card top-ups using your cryptocurrencies.

LimonX ultimate goal is to enable worldwide and frictionless real life usage of crypto-assets.
This is the reason why they are building their very own user friendly network, called LimonXchain which will work flawlessly alongside their platform base currency - LMXC.
LMXC (LimonX coin) will grant customers cashback when used on the platform.
LimonX will accomplish this mission by delivering several services, from decentralized P2P marketplace to a banking alternative.
The network will be secured by PoS, as it has been shown to be the most reliable, cost efficient and fast consensus protocol.
The company will counteract LMXC inflation rate by making quarterly buybacks and burn starting in 2020.

Listed since early stage

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