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LeadRex Airdrop

Lead generation one-stop shop platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.
$117 000/  $117 000
Airdrop finished
Estimated Value : $2

A Russian based project with a solid team. To be honest it was quite hard to ask them some open questions we had because of their bad English. However the whitepaper is well-structured and we don't miss anything.

The airdrop is very easy and fast like with nearly every Telegram bot and the value is decent for the time. So why only 3 stars? There's one thing we really don't like on this project and to be honest this could break their necks: The bonus for buying tokens. There are 5 stages and in each the tokens get more expensive. There are roughly the same amount of tokens to be sold in every stage. In the pre-sale - the first stage - you get 16200 LDX for 1 ETH. This is also the price we took for the airdrop. So if the project is successful the tokens might be way more worth. Even $20 because this would be the price in the last stage. Right only 2000 LDX for 1 ETH. A incredible high bonus for early supporters and also a lot of tokens they sell to this cheap price.

Listed since early stage

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