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Another great airdrop from a great project, the KuCoinPlay project is rewarding its users with worthy rewards, up 10,000 USDT tokens for random winners, this airdrop project is a leaderboard airdrop. All you have to do is to complete at least one task to participate in the big random giveaway of 10,000 USDT tokens, for example, sign up to KuCoin exchange and be eligible for the main reward. You can also earn smaller rewards such as 500 USDT tokens if you are in the top 500 in the leaderboard, to be on the top 500 list you have to complete more social media tasks and invite your friends, if you are already in the top 500 leaderboards then you want to stay there and you can keep your position by referring new people and earn points from their sign up.

KuCoinPlay is a place where you are able to take part in a contest, discover new projects, platforms, also a place where you can support your favorite cryptocurrency project and by doing that you will receive epic prizes in cryptocurrency tokens. Each USDT tokens is worth 1 USD and you can trade your won USDT for major cryptocurrency projects or withdraw them to fiat.

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